Papa-Would-Be-Proud Adventure Series
In Partnership with Papa's Pilar® Rum
Papa-Would-Be-Proud Adventure Series

Author, freethinker, adventurer, sportsman and bon vivant. ”Papa” Ernest Hemingway was a legendary sportsman who chased outdoor adventure his entire life. He was always in search of his next fishing or hunting adventure, during which he would draw inspiration for his famous novels. His fishing adventures covered cruising the Gulf Stream in search of marlin and tuna to fly fishing in North America, while his hunting adventures included pheasant and duck shooting and stalking big game while on safari in Africa.

It was from the deck of his beloved vessel, "Pilar", that Hemingway famously landed the largest marlin caught to date in 1935, weighing an astonishing 1175 lbs. He believed his greatest exploit was his success with rod and reel, catching trophy fish from Key West to Havana.

Papa's Pilar® Rum and Fin & Field have teamed up so modern day sportsmen can pursue epic Papa-like adventures and capture the spirit of living the life of a Legend. Team up with our best guides and choose an adventure of a lifetime - not only one that you can toast to for years to come, but one that Papa Would Be Proud of.

Hemingway’s incomparable thirst for adventure extended well past the trout streams of Michigan, the blue waters of the Gulf Stream, or the wilds of Africa - his reputation as a bon vivant and lover of good food and drink were unrivaled around the world. What made Hemingway’s Martinis the coldest and driest on earth? What set apart the classic Papa Doble, the quintessential Hemingway drink, from your ordinary Daiquiri? What delicious rum drinks did Hemingway and his Key West and Havana cronies conjure up while chasing epic marlin and tuna out on the Gulf Stream? And what stories can be told about all of his favorite drinks? As part of our partnership with Papa's Pilar® Rum, Philip Greene, author of the best-selling book To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion, provides our ‘Papa Would Be Proud’ Adventure Series guests with authentic cocktails and anecdotes that will make your victory that much sweeter and the stories that much richer.

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