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 Restless Lady 46         &          Restless Lady 52/Jada II

Charters for 6 to 12 anglers!

The fishing season for the most part begins early May with inshore bottom fishing and wreck fishing. Targeting black sea bass and tautog. The wrecks and bottom structure that we fish on are between 8-15 miles off shore, a short ride on Restless Lady 46 or Restless Lady 52

Normally towards the end of May, inshore shark fishing gets good with blue sharks, thresher sharks, mako sharks and tiger sharks. Bluefish and Mackerel fishing also starts this time of year, Mako sharks' preferred diet. The activity depends largely on water temperature. Once the water warms up to the high 50's the bait and sharks follow.  

Offshore waters become alive as the eddies of warm water (70's-80's) from the gulf stream make their way inshore near the canyons. The canyons are where the bottom of the ocean drops off very quickly from 600' to 2000'. The canyons are 60-70 miles from Ocean city inlet.  

May and June provide great fishing because warm water eddies change the temperature and currents near bottom structure or canyons. This causes bait to congregate and the pelagic species we're after follow the bait. Targets are Mako shark , big eye tuna, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna and dolphin(mahi mahi). Towards the end of June the big bluefin (up to 200 lb) show up.  

July things are in full swing with billfish moving into the mix. White marlin, blue marlin and wahoo. On overnight trips we will target sharks, tuna and swordfish.The season with tuna, billfish, wahoo and mahi extends into October.  

The Atlantic Ocean provides some of best fishing just off the shores of Ocean City, MD with Marlin tournaments, Tuna tournaments and Shark tournaments. Some of best fishing on the east coast.

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Coastal/Bay Fishing Trip
Coastal/Bay Fishing Trip
Inshore/Offshore Trip
Inshore/Offshore Plus Trip
Inshore/Offshore Plus Trip
Balt/Wash/PM's Canyons
Wilmington/Norfolk Canyons Trolling
Wilmington/Norfolk Canyons
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Restless Lady 46
Todd Kurtz
Talbot Street Pier
Julian Guthrie Custom Carolina
Max Passengers:
Restless Lady 52/Jada II
Captain Ed
Talbot Street Pier
52.0 ft
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Went out on the Restless lady on 6/3/17 had a wonderful day on the water Captain Todd and mate Tito and Spencer we're nothing but gangbusters tuna bite was a little slow so we switched it up did a little black fishing and tile fishing had a blast would like to thank the whole Restless lady team starting with CJ right down to the captain and crew thanks for a wonderful day will definitely be sure to see you again keep on doing what you guys do best Rippin lips

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