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Canada pike fishing at Canada's legendary Wollaston Lake always ranks near the top of the list for heart stopping, earth shaking fishing action. This lake, which has been a catch n release lake for close to 20 years is producing consistent catches of trophy pike in the 45 to 50 inch class. The best part is we're also seeing fantastic numbers of pike in the 32" to 36" inch range. Meaning the coming years will be even better.

Canada pike fishing and Wollaston Lake are synonymous with trophy northern pike. Wollaston Lake is widely believed to be the #1 trophy pike fishery in Canada — a reputation that's well deserved, since the lake has been providing unparalleled pike fishing excitement for decades. However, what sometimes gets lost in all the pike mania is the fact that Wollaston also offers abundant lake trout, walleye and Arctic grayling fishing.

Situated in a sheltered, pristine bay along the southwest shore of Wollaston Lake, Minor Bay Lodge puts it's guests in the heart of the pike fishing. Ample opportunities prevail for you to hook into a 40 to 50 plus inch trophy pike. while being pampered with first-class food and accommodations.

We've all heard — and perhaps told, stories of 'the one that got away.' But if you're a guest at Minor Bay, you can put your imagination to rest. You'll return home with proof-positive pictures that verify all of the monster pike you caught! 

Covering over 800 square miles in northern Saskatchewan, Wollaston Lake is noted for its exceptional northern pike and lake trout fishing. Anglers have caught and released monster pike up to 52 inches in length and weighing over 30 lbs! In addition to trophy-worthy pike and lake trout, Wollaston also offers our guests the opportunity to angle for walleye, whitefish, and the beautiful Arctic grayling.

At Wollaston Lake, the fishing is good, the air is clean and the opportunities are endless. Bring some extra film and get ready to claim some serious bragging rights.

Read more: http://www.gageoutdoor.com/canada-saskatchewan-fishing/#ixzz4LkpuiYO1

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"If fishing is a religion, fly fishing is high church."

- Tom Brokaw

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