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Charter fishing with The SuperBowl Fishing Team! They will put you on fish, cook your catch and ride jet skis with NFL players! We enjoy being out on the water and embrace the challenge of catching fish! We feel that Pensacola has some of the best fishing destinations and charter fishing fleet to choose from! We are proud to be a part of this fleet! We've been asked why do you offer fishing with friends, let us cook, and jet skis before dinner? It's simple, we want you come in as a customer and leave as a new friend. We want you to share the entire experience of fishing with, the SuperBowl Fishing Team! There is nothing like having a great fishing day, coming back cooking the fish and cutting loose on jet skis. Not to mention having an NFL player tell you all of the behind the scenes stories from their storied careers. We look forward customizing a day on the water for you! Tight lines! 

Captain Hixon has been fishing in Pensacola FL since he was 11 years old off of the locally known 3 mile bridge where he caught his first amber jack. After being in the NFL for 9 Years and winning 2 SuperBowls Captain Hixon has kept his competitiveness going, with fishing! The time and effort he puts into fishing, is just like when Captain Hixon was preparing for a game on sundays! When he's not spending time out on the water, he's spending time with his son Lorenzo. Not to mention getting his parents out fishing and hanging out on the beach.

Captain West has lived on the gulf coast for over 25 years. He is blessed with a beautiful wife and two daughters who all share a deep passion for the water. He grew up on this coast taking advantage of its beauty everyday whether it was through surfing, wake-boarding or fishing. Captain West brings an extensive wealth of knowledge of the local surroundings. He’s deck-handed for some of the charter boats in the area where he perfected his skills in fishing. He also served in the United States Coast Guard on a cutter in south Florida and the Bahamas. The coast guard is where he became a professional mariner. He learned crucial skills in navigating and safety management. Captain West currently holds a 100 ton license; he also has run large charter boats and private boats. In addition to his maritime profession, he also holds two masters degrees.

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In shore / Near shore Trip
$400.00 to $850.00
Offshore Trips
$700.00 to $1,100.00
Oil rigs Trips
$1,200.00 to $2,200.00

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SuperBowl Fishin
Captain Hixon
Cape Horn
31.0 ft
Max Passengers:
Super Bowl Fishing
Captain Domenik Hixon
Out Island
38.0 ft
Max Passengers:
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"My Biggest worry is that when I'm dead and gone, my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it."

- Koos Brandt