Till Death Adventure Series
Daniel Lee Martin & Julie McQueen's Signature Adventure Series
Till Death Adventure Series

Daniel Lee Martin and Julie McQueen have been working in the outdoor industry for a combined total of over 20 years. In 2006 Daniel Lee created his first national television show for Sportsman Channel, called Backstage & Backroads. Julie joined forces with him four years later, and they went on to produce and host Brotherhood Outdoors together (also airing on Sportsman Channel) as well as many national commercials and projects in the outdoor industry. Their production company, called Backstage & Backroads Productions, has grown to be one of the most reputable in the industry, and they continue to travel the world documenting their outdoor lifestyle with their new hit series “Till Death Do Us Part”, airing on Carbon TV. While Daniel Lee and Julie have found success and longevity in the world of outdoor television, they remain close to their roots by running their company with a hands-on approach. They directly handle every project personally, and they continue to put their names on only the highest quality of production services. All of these years of travel and documenting their adventures has given Daniel Lee and Julie a unique look into the world of outfitters, guides, destinations and world class locations for people who love adventure.

Hunt, Fish, Sing, Repeat. A simple mantra that Daniel Lee Martin and Julie McQueen follow as they travel the world in search of adventure. The Till Death Adventure Series shares Daniel Lee & Julie's knowledge and love of outdoor adventure. Relying on 20+ years of experience, they share their top guides so you can get outside and make your own memories. People always want to know, "Who should I fish or hunt with?". Our Till Death Adventure Series gives sportsmen "OUR" list of top Captains, Guides, and Outfitters.