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Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee

So you're interested in Reelfoot Lake located in northwest Tennessee. Reelfoot Lake has much to offer the outdoor enthusiast. The earthquakes of 1811-1812, which created Reelfoot Lake, have made the pan fishing for crappie, bass and bluegill ideal. Hunters also come to Reelfoot Lake to take advantage of the plentiful deer and duck populations. Deer hunting starts at the end of September and continues though the first of January. Duck hunting starts around the first of December and hunting is great throughout the season. January and February is the prime time at Reelfoot Lake to see nature's majestic monarch of the air the American Bald Eagle. Birdwatchers come to Reelfoot Lake just to get an up close view of these awesome creatures in a natural setting.

  We welcome you to the finest resort on Reelfoot Lake. If you're looking for the best place to stay on Reelfoot Lake, look no further. Or better yet go ahead and search, we know you'll find when it comes to lodging, fine dining, clean, affordable facilities, and fishing and hunting...there's no better outfitter on Reelfoot Lake. Feel free to browse around the web site. You'll find all our packages to be the best you can get on Reelfoot Lake. But don't take our word for it ask Bill Dance where he prefers to stay at Reelfoot Lake.

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Spring Fishing Packages
$279.00 to $699.00
Summer Fishing Packages
$209.00 to $529.00
Fall/Winter Fishing Packages
$209.00 to $529.00
Duck Hunting Package
$749.00 to $849.00
Deer Hunting Package
$749.00 to $849.00

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Every time we go to Blue Bank Resort we feel like we're home. We fish for crappie there in the spring, and we duck hunt there in the winter. Reelfoot Lake has so much history and great opportunities for outdoorsmen, and staying at Blue Bank Resort makes the entire experience even better. The food is amazing, and we love the family atmosphere.

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"Last year I went fishing with Salvador Dali. He was using a dotted line. He caught every other fish."

- Steven Wright

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