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TC Outfitters is located in the heart of the Legendary South Texas Brush Country. Close to the towns Uvalde, Del Rio and Eagle Pass one can find all the conveniences of a big town but also experience the remoteness of our ranches. Being family owned and operated, we pride ourselves in providing our guests with the “hunt of a lifetime”. With over 30,000 private acres, we offer our guests trophy whitetail deer, exotics, turkey, wild boar, dove and wild bobwhite quail.

Our ranches have been strictly managed for years to insure the quality of wildlife for a first class hunting experience. We never overbook our hunts and only offer a limited amount of hunts annually. While at the ranch you will be staying in excellent accommodations and enjoying home cooked Southwestern Cuisine

Whitetail Deer Hunts- These hunts are conducted from very comfortable elevated box blinds, popup/brush blinds, tripods, or spot and stalk. During the rut we will usually try a few "rattling” sessions.

Cull/Meat Hunts– 3 day hunt for a “guides choice” buck usually scoring under 115 B&C and a doe 

Management Hunts– 3 day hunt for a mature buck scoring 115-135 B&C. one doe, one hog, one javelina, and unlimited predators are included 

Trophy Hunts– Our 4 day hunts for a mature buck over 5 ½ years of age and scoring 135 B&C. Also included is one doe, one hog, one javelina and unlimited predators.

Exotic hunts on over 20,000 acres of both high and low fence ranches. We offer over 15 species of exotics including axis, blackbuck, aoudad, sika, mouflon, corsican rams, fallow, etc. All hunts are fully guided and have high success rates. Our No Kill...No Pay policy insures that the hunter only pays for the game he/she successfully hunts. If there is no game taken only the lodging charges would apply

Hogs/Javelinas-Our hog and javelina hunts are semi-guided and consist of a three day hunt. Hogs are usually hunted early mornings and right before dark. During the day you can spot and stalk the wary javelinas. The hunt includes two hogs, one javelina and unlimited predators. These packages are three days and include food, lodging, and beverages.

Turkey- Our Rio spring turkey hunts are three days and are offered semi- guided or fully guided hunt. Each hunt includes two birds and additional birds can be harvested for a fee. Hunts are conducted next to roosts or feed stations with high populations of birds. Being mainly a trophy whitetail outfitter we are quickly being noticed by our fabulous turkey hunts. Our success rates have been almost 100% because we have three different ranches we hunt turkeys on and never overharvest.

Dove Hunt- We offer two styles of dove hunts – one is a corporate style hunt, conducted on over 10,000 acres of harvested grain fields that surround the towns of Hondo, Castroville and Uvalde, Texas. These hunts are for large flocks of white wings and the other is a ranch style hunt for fast flying mourning doves over waterholes at the ranch. These packages are three days and include food, lodging, bird care, and beverages.

Quail-South Texas is well known for having some of the last wild quail populations. By managing our ranches we are able to maintain good numbers of bobwhite and blue scaled quail. We can arrange any hunt to fit your needs.


We operate most of our whitetail, hog and turkey hunts on either one of our two main ranches. Our South Texas ranch is located 32 miles southwest of Uvalde in Maverick County and contains almost 14,000 acres. This area is also known as the famous "Golden Triangle" where the majority of all Boone and Crockett deer have been harvested in Texas. With an aggressive management program we have been able to annually harvest deer above 160" B&C, with the average being in the 140 B&C range. It has a 3 bedroom 2 bath house with all the amenities of home including a skinning shed, walk-in cooler, ice machine, fire pit and exterior bar also known as "The Corner Bar". The ranch consist of thick mesquite and cactus pear flats.

Our Southwest Ranch is located in Kinney county approximately 30 miles northwest of Brackettville and encompasses 16,000 acres of some of the most diverse vegetation. It has rolling hills, creek beds and mesquite flats with some amazing views and loaded with wildlife. It has a world class population of turkeys and a healthy deer herd with a buck to doe ratio of almost 1 to 1. Most of the mature whitetails harvested will have an average in the 120 class range with a few scoring in the 130-140 range. Bucks scoring over 150 are not uncommon in this part of Texas. The lodge is very nice 5 bedroom 6 bath modern Ranch Home with all the amenities of home! It too has a fire pit, walk-in cooler and a "Corner Bar".

 Exotic hunts are conducted on two other ranches located north of Uvalde and together they contain over 11,000 acres of which 8,200 acres is low fence. Exotics in Texas do not have a regulated season therefore we can hunt them at anytime of the year to cure your "after deer season" blues! These ranches are on some of the most picturesque areas in the hill country and have large hills and elevation changes. Most of the trophy exotics we hunt are axis, blackbuck, fallow, oryx, aoudad, corsican rams and many others.

Whether it’s the sight of a trophy buck coming to the clashing of antlers, a long beard responding to your call, or an exploding covey of wild bobwhite quail, you will be glad you booked with TC Outfitters. We can cater to individuals or large corporate groups. Please come back to our website and check out our current specials and updated trail cam pics. You can also check us out on the Pursuit Channel’s Into the Wild TV, Bone Collector and YOUTube.

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Our experience with TC Outfitters in South Texas was ideal. We saw many trophy bucks, tons of other wildlife, and thoroughly enjoyed our hunt with them. We had shot opportunities within the first day of the hunt. The guides were very nice and made us feel welcome, and we felt like this was a prime hunting spot in Texas. We recommend this hunt for anyone who loves hunting whitetails, no matter what their skill level is.

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"Congratulations. I knew the record would stand until it was broken."

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