Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing

Fly fishing has come a long way since Sir Isaac Walton penned The Compleate Angler. Once strictly the domain of trout fisherman, many have pioneered use of the long rod for an almost innumerable variety of species, from fresh water to salt.

At first glance, fly fishing may seem intimidatingly difficult but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. A few hours with a casting instructor or guide is all that is needed to give you the basics necessary to put fish on the bank, or in the boat. A day with a good instructor can have you throwing loops, generally where you want them to go. Hire one of the many fly guides, and head out for a day of fishing, letting your guide give you pointers as you drift down the stream.

Whether you are looking for a horseback adventure in the High West, throwing flies at rising cutthroats in Alpine lakes, or tossing outsized streamers chasing striped bass off of Cape Cod, there is a fly fishing adventure that has just what you’re looking for. For experienced anglers, there are a number of new ways to challenge your fly fishing gear. Alaska reigns as king for the variety of salmon, trout, and char species in a wilderness setting, while Florida’s flats present a number of fun and challenging fish to target. For many, heading North to remote lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin for pike and muskie have become a must do on the long wand. If you’re a history buff you should consider a trip to New York’s Catskill region, the birthplace of fly fishing in North America. There are a number of sleeper states in the South, with North Carolina and Georgia holding a surprising number of outsized trout. You can even head to Idaho to fish one of Hemingway’s favorite rivers- near the town of Ketchum! And for the uninitiated, there is no time like the present to get started on your fly fishing career. It becomes a lifelong addiction that you will never regret…




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