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Here at Frontier Adventures we are committed to personable service and fair chase hunting. When all the conditions that Alaska has to offer are thrown at us, successful hunting is made possible by possession of more than ten years big game guiding experience, a strong knowledge of territory, safe habits, and good physical ability. Hunting in Alaska is a physical and mental endeavor; so get ready for a wilderness adventure in America’s last frontier.

With Frontier Adventures, adventure is a guarantee. Both a strong and mental state is required to prevail against the conditions Alaska can throw our way. There are no easy steps. One must train hard and be prepared for a life-changing experience. I look forward to hearing from you, to gladly answering your questions, and to helping you gear up for your Frontier Adventure.

I arrived in South Central Alaska just over ten years ago, with the sole purpose to hunt for one season. I immediately went to work for a knowledgeable Master Guide as packer for a sheep hunt in the Windy Fork of the Alaska Range. By fall’s end, after logging 100 days afield, I knew that guiding and hunting were for me. Today, nothing has changed except after that first season, I moved to Alaska to make it my home. For me, Alaska wilderness hunting is the ultimate outdoor adventure.

So, I decided to share my passion for Alaska hunting, offering the opportunity for others to join the ranks of the last frontier. After ten years of guiding, two things remain true: deliver a quality hunt in a game rich environment and maximize every opportunity to harvest the game, without sacrificing personable customer service or wavering on fair chase.

Wesley Davis

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Dall Sheep Hunt
Sheep/Grizzly Combo Hunt
Moose Hunting Trip
Moose/Grizzly Combo Hunt
Spring Bear Hunt
Fall Bear Hunt
5 Day Fishing Trip
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"The only reason I ever played golf in the first place was so I could afford to hunt and fish."

- Sam Snead