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Frontier Adventures

Frontier Adventures: Fall Bear Hunt

Aug 10 - Oct 20. Genetically, brown and grizzly bears are the same. The difference is brown bears have access to salmon rich streams, which provide an abundant source of protein. The state determines the bear type based on geography: any bear within 120 miles of the coast, on a salmon-producing stream, is a brown bear. Our fall hunts are float trips through the foothills of the Alaska Range, allowing for the opportunity to hunt both “species.” We fly to the upper reaches of the river by Super Cub. There are five designated hot spots on the way down the river; however, the berry-rich hillsides also offer many great opportunities for excellent hunting. Spot-and-stalk is the hillside method, while still hunting is more common on the river. The unit for fall bears is in a predator control area, allowing two brown bears per person. We typically see multiple bears but one has to be ready at all times. Over the past five years, we have done 90% on fall bears. It is also a great hunt to combo with black bear. And don’t forget your fishing pole!


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