Book This Trip: Spring Bear Hunt
Frontier Adventures

Frontier Adventures: Spring Bear Hunt

April 5 - May 5. Spring bear hunting in Alaska is historically the best way to get the bruin of your dreams. Over the past five years, our hunters have achieved 100% on spring bear. Later in the year, hunts can be combined with a black bear combo. However, spring weather conditions are so unpredictable it can also be the hardest time to hunt. Snow travel can be extremely physical, but with great rewards. Hunters need to be in top shape for this hunt. Traveling by snow machine to spike camps for several days at a time, the remote camps are outfitted with heated weather ports as a base. Often times camps will be moved by plane to other valleys, if a large bear is spotted. The unit for spring bear is a state supported predator control area, allowing two brown bears per person. This illustrates the number of bears in the area. So come prepared and well practiced. With the lack of cover, shots are usually in the 200–250 yard range. A .300 magnum caliber is adequate. Remember, shot placement is key – not caliber. Remember: Alaska has a same day airborne law, which says no hunting the same day as flying.


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