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Frontier Adventures: Moose Hunting Trip

Sept 1 - Sept 20. A trophy Alaska moose is the largest antlered animal in the world and the most sought after Big Game in Alaska. Frontier Adventures specializes in float hunts. Consisting of a series of river bank camps, float hunting allows for the opportunity to cover lots of prime Alaska hunting area and the ability to reach areas that are otherwise unreachable. The average bull will be in the 60” range. Float Hunting for moose requires a few specialty gear items, most importantly, hip boots. My suggestion is Lacross ankle fit 600-800 insulated. Whatever you choose, make sure they are comfortable and fit well. Please refer to hunter’s gear list. Food will be fresh and plentiful. Physically, moose hunting is moderate in exertion, until the bull goes down. That’s when the work begins. If a packer is needed, one can be arranged.


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