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Personalized Fishing Charters

Florida fishing at it’s finest. Captain Scott Lum takes fishing charters to another level with a personal and professional approach to the best charter fishing on the East Coast. Catering to you, your family and friends.

We Work Hard.. Keeping lines tight is what it’s all about. On the Outcast you get topwater, sight fishing action that is hard to beat. With a wide selection of fish to choose from based on time of year, we get you on the fish.

Experts on your Side..An experienced Captain With records under his belt and great sponsorship, Scott has the tools and tactics that make for a great day at sea! Keeping his clients actively fishing and using tested techniques is a key.

Going the Nautical Mile!  Even when things are a little slow, the captain keeps you on your toes with new as well as old techniques that prove to continue bringing fish over. “It’s all about diversifying”, says Capt. Scott.

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Blacktip H 1/2 Day Trips
$495.00 to $550.00
Blacktip H Full Day Trips
$715.00 to $770.00
Blacktip H Shark Trips

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Captain Scott Lum
23.0 ft
Max Passengers:

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I've fished with a lot of people and Outcast Sportfishing upholds the BlacktipH ideal of taking fishing to the extreme. Book a trip with Captain Scott Lum for an epic fishing trip.

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"There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country."

- Theodore Roosevelt

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