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A Little Slice of Heaven

Fishing at the DSR offers an unforgettable, private water experience. Anglers will find a high quality, low pressure, and easily accessible fishing experience. The DSR is the first 2.5 miles of the Salmon River, where steelhead, King and Coho salmon, and brown trout first enter the river. Fresh from Lake Ontario, the fish are unpressured and ready action.

The Best Experience on the River 

There are more than a few good reasons to buy a DSR pass. You won't experience shoulder to shoulder casting or trash strewn banks, and your fellow fishermen keep the DSR respectful and tuned to the natural rhythms of the river. We recommend getting your DSR pass online before you head out to the river.

2016 Seasons

SUMMER    May 15 - August 14

FALL 1    August 15 - September 9

FALL 2    September 10 - October 31

FALL 3    November 1 - December 14

The Douglaston Salmon Run Adventures Adventures

Summer Full Day M-Thursday
Summer Full Day F-Sunday
Summer Afternoon M-Thursday
Summer Afternoon F-Sunday
Fall 1 Full Day M-Thursday
Fall 1 Full Day F-Sunday
Fall 1 Afternoon M-Thursday
Fall 1 Afternoon F-Sunday
Fall 2 Full Day M-Thursday
Fall 2 Full Day F-Sunday
Fall 2 Afternoon M-Thursday
Fall 2 Afternoon F-Sunday
Fall 3 Full Day M-Thursday
Fall 3 Full Day F-Sunday
Fall 3 Afternoon M-Thursday
Fall 3 Afternoon F-Sunday

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My 10 yr old son, Ryley, and I had the pleasure of fishing the DSR on 10/2/16. We fished public water on 10/1/16 and barely saw any fish at all. We fished the DSR and saw a ton of fix and hooked numerous while landing three. Not bad for our first time! I suggest hiring a guide though as he/she will know where the fish are within the DSR any given day and which areas to target. Also make sure you buy your pass online well ahead of time as they sell out quickly. Kids 15 and under are eligible for a free pass with accompanying adult, so it's definitely family friendly. Some consider the price steep but to me it's very reasonable considering they limit the number of anglers on the river and you are one of the first people getting a crack at these fish as they enter the river for the first time versus well schooled salmon who know what to avoid. We are already planning our next trip up there for the Fall of 2017. Hopefully the run next year is as good as this year!

The Douglaston Salmon Run Equipment Gear

Name Description
DXF Fly Rod The DXF premium proven tapers are a combination of modern action and carbon matrix with a traditional fit and finish.
Upstream Fly Rod This new range of versatile four piece fresh and saltwater rods is constructed with the next generation of nano carbon matrix materials.
Argus Rex Fly Reel On one hand, it is a beautiful reel, and on the other, there is no undue advantage given to the angler.
Argus Fly Reel On one hand, it is a beautiful reel, and on the other, there is no undue advantage given to the angler. Reel includes a Twilled Pouch.
DHF Fly Rod DHF is about years on the water and understanding what an expert and first-casters alike appreciate in a fine fly rod.
XMATRIX Rod Series The DXS and DXC rods are the culmination of our design team’s experience fishing in over fifty nations and every imaginable condition.
LRS Conventional Rod Series The LRS is all about affordable durability and versatility. Featuring over-sized guides and quality rugged grips.
Premium Douglas Fly Boxes A wide variety of durable fly boxes, all made in Italy.
Premium Douglas Tackle Boxes Douglas is pleased to present our fine collection of Light Tackle boxes from Plastica Panaro. Made in Italy.
Nexus Fly Reel Anglers are moving into unknown waters that are colder and grittier than before.
LRS Fly Rod The LRS, Lake, River and Sea, series of fly rods are designed for game fishing multiple species in numerous environments.

"Don't tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don't tell them where they know the fish."

- Mark Twain

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Rainbow Trout (Steelhead), Brown Trout, Chinook Salmon (King), Coho Salmon, Smallmouth Bass