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Reddog Guide Service is owned and operated by Maine Registered Guide Casey Mowers.  Casey was born in Pennsylvania and joined the Navy in 1989. He obtained orders to Maine in 1996 fell in love with the area and retired in Brunswick, Maine.  Casey started hunting at age 12 with his family in Pennsylvania. While stationed in Maine, Casey took advantage of the bountiful hunting opportunities for deer, turkey and upland birds.  He later expanded to hunting the excellent duck and geese the area has to offer. After retiring from the U. S. Navy, Casey found time for his love of the outdoors.  In 2013 he received his Hunting, Fishing and Recreation Guide License.   His captain’s license will soon be added. Casey fished in tournaments around the state on different bodies of water and now offers guided fishing trips in the area.  Casey truly enjoys hunting and fishing and likes to teach people about the sport. Casey enjoys showing his clients how to hunt and fish more than doing it himself. That is why he chose to become a Maine hunting and fishing guide. He also enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of the history of the great state of Maine. Casey began hunting with his dogs a number of years ago.  While hunting with his Vizsla, Casey discovered that he could train his dog better by planting birds for him to find. This helped the dog learn to point and not flush like his Lab brother.  Casey and family began incubating eggs and raising various game birds in order to have them available for training hunting dogs.  He will help you train your dogs to become better hunters.  Occasionally, Lab, Vizsla and GSP puppies are available for sale. Let Casey show you why he fell in love with Maine.

Reddog Guide Service Adventures Adventures

Grouse hunt
$200.00 to $300.00
Sea Duck Hunt
$200.00 to $350.00
Duck hunt
$200.00 to $300.00
Trout/Pike and Bass Fishing
$175.00 to $300.00
Turkey Hunt
$200.00 to $400.00
Rail Hunt

Reddog Guide Service Boats Boat

Polar Kraft
Casey Mowers
Polar Kraft
18.0 ft
40.0 mph
Max Passengers:

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Casey puts you on the birds. Great guide to put you on Eiders and Ducks. Eider hunt will be my third hunt with him this year.

Reddog Guide Service Equipment Gear

Name Description
Avain X Decoys Mallard and Black ducks
Boat 18' 2014 OUTLANDER 186CC
Goldeneye Decoys GHG Over-Size Goldeneyes
avian x turkey decoy breeder hen

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- Theodore Roosevelt

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Fishing Guide, Hunting Guide, Land & Water Access
Freshwater, Big Game, Small Game, Waterfowl, Upland Birds
Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Moose, Smallmouth Bass, Whitetail Deer, Pan Fish, Turkey, Brook Trout, Teal, Canada Goose, Woodcock, Mallard, Black Duck, Blue-Winged Teal, Wood Duck, Diver Ducks, Puddle Ducks