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Reddog Guide Service: Sea Duck Hunt

Maine is a destination renowned for its rugged coastline. That same rugged coastline also draws waterfowl hunters from around the country for an unmatched hunting experience. Sea duck hunting in Maine combines picturesque scenery coupled with ample opportunities for shooting Eiders, Oldsquaw (Longtails), and Scoters. Eiders are found all along the coast of Maine, Perhaps some of the best sea duck hunting is in the midcoast of Maine. It takes place from mid-November into January. We will set up on ledges or anchor our Polar Craft boat that serve as the blind. After the morning flight we can move in shore and shoot goldeneyes, buffleheads and puddleducks also. Let Reddog Guide Service make your sea duck adventure a great one. We also can recommend taxidermy for your Trophy. What to bring Camouflage Outerwear (gore-tex or any waterproof material) •Chest Waders (insulated is best after Oct.) •Thermal Underwear and Socks •Face Covering and good Gloves •Thermos •Blind Bag •Camera •Spare Firearm (optional) •Firearm cleaning kit •Steel shot (1,2,BB) 2 boxes per day •Federal and state waterfowl stamp and Maine hunting License It’s important to bring plenty of warm clothing. Dress in layers with waterproof shell to protect you from elements. A memorable hunt can be ruined by inadequate gear and lack of preparation for weather.




$200.00 to $350.00