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Captain Bob’s specialty is fly fishing and light tackle fishing San Diego Bay for Spotted Bay Bass, Yellowfin Croaker, the elusive Pacific Bonefish and many other species. We can also venture to the inshore kelp beds depending on weather and water conditions. He also specializes in teaching boys and girls how to enjoy San Diego Bay, its fishing fun and help them create a wonderful fishing report to share with their friends.

Since purchasing En La Mosca in 2007 Captain Bob have logged over 600 days on the San Diego Bay waters. In that time, he has guided more than 100 guests from all over the world. Every trip has been fun and we have made great friendships along the way. Everyone has had a great fishing report to share.

En La Mosca Adventures will provide all of the necessary rods and reels, flies, lures and other necessary items or you can bring your own on our trip. Water and soft drinks will also be provided along with some basic snacks. We will practice CPR, Catch, Photograph and Release, with all species, especially Pacific Bonefish.

Captain Bob would love to take you on a great fishing trip, teach you about San Diego Bay, CA and learn from you as well. Email him at [email protected] for additional information and scheduling.

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June 2017 

The main purpose for me booking this trip was to get my grandson out fishing and hopefully have him catch a few fish. Keeping the fish and having them for a meal was not a goal, so the catch and release format was perfect. Captain Day was excellent! He worked with my grandson teaching him casting techniques, explaining the “why’s” of what we were doing and he was able to catch a lot of fish. I would recommend Captain Day.


May 2017

My husband and his father spent the morning with Captain Bob, they had so much fun catching fish and they said Bob was good company! When I booked, I thought they would be going farther out and catching huge fish, if that’s what you’re expecting this isn’t it. But they had a really great experience, caught a lot of fish and were not disappointed! 

Bob was even nice enough to give them a ride afterward, I’m sure that’s not a service he typically offers so don’t expect it but it was very kind of him!


June 2016

My son, Jack, and I wanted to take a father/son fishing trip together, while in San Diego. Jack is becoming quite the angler, so we enlisted the services of Bob Day. He managed the entire trip and guided and supported us while we fished for the entire morning. We had an amazing day, caught a lot of fish and laughed a lot as we competed for the most fish caught. Jack won! It will always be one of our most memorable experiences.


June 2017

I had the pleasure of taking a half day bay fly fishing trip with captain Bob and had a wonderful time. He was on time and very attentive, the best teacher ever. The conversation was wonderful and had a blast! I highly recommend his service. Very careful always with security and concerned with giving me a wonderful experience.


June 2017

The main purpose of my charter was to get my grandson out fishing. Besides catching numerous fish, Captain Day taught him some casting techniques, some of the why's of where we were fishing, the baits we were using etc.. He did an excellent job and I hope to be able to fish with him again.


May 2017

Captain Bob is a great guide and a great teacher. He quickly put me on fish and helped walk me (a novice fly fisher with no saltwater experience) through the basics ensuring our success!


May 2017

Have fished with Capt. Bob two years in a row and will be back next year. No better guy to introduce kids to fishing and get a lesson in in salt water fly fishing for Dad. Lots of fish. Excellent Orvis equip. No sea sickness probs!


April 2017

I want to thank Bob for a very nice morning on the bay. I am a novice, and largely self-taught, fly fisherman so I was looking forward to a little coaching as well as some good fishing. Bob provided both. Not only does he know where and when to find the fish, he provided clear and patient instruction to help correct some of my bad casting habits. I am looking forward to having him take my grandkids out when they come this summer so Bob can get them started right.


March 2017

I could not have asked for a better trip than we had with Bob. My wife and I have very different fishing skill levels and interest, but we both caught fish and truly enjoyed ourselves. We toured the entire bay, saw osprey, porpoise and sea lions, and caught a few fish. His knowledge of the water and local history also contributed to a wonderful trip. I will certainly try and fish with Bob again if I am ever back in San Diego

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Half Day Morning Out
1/2 Day w Child Uner 16

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En La Mosca
Captain Bob Day
2007 G3
18.0 ft
25.0 mph
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I highly recommend spending time on the water with Captain Bob.

En La Mosca Adventures Equipment Gear

Name Description
Orvis Helios & Helios 2 Rods 6 and 7 weight fly rods with 250 grain and 250 grain shooting heads
Light Tackle Spinning Rods Custom wrapped spinning rods with Shimano Reels

"Last year I went fishing with Salvador Dali. He was using a dotted line. He caught every other fish."

- Steven Wright

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