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Alaska Premier Sportfishing invites you to join us for the fishing trip of a lifetime. Join us aboard the fishing vessel Venturess for a custom 3-10 day fishing expedition. There is no way to describe the fishing that takes place when you have the opportunity to leave the day trip fishing grounds miles behind you. Trophy class fish become commonplace, crowds become nonexistent, and the marine life and scenery is like nothing you could ever imagine.

Multiple species of fish are readily available when you have the extra time to spend. Ling cod, multiple species of rockfish, king, red, and silver salmon (in season) inhabit the waters in which we fish. Unlike other operations there are no hidden gear costs, all jigs, lures, and tackle is provided. All rods are of the finest quality, and reels are two speed lever drags to help give you the advantage you may need!

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Long range Halibut

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Port Lions
1985 Hoquim
65.0 ft
12.0 mph
Max Passengers:

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"The solution to any problem –work, love, money, whatever –is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be."

- John Gierach