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Bear and Cougar Hunts with Hounds. 100% since 1983. Youren Outfitters is proud to be a second generation family owned and operated business. Originally started by Dusty Youren in the 1983 Youren Outfitters has stretched from Idaho to Nevada, Utah and British Columbia. Their family tradition of quality hound dog hunts has been passed down to the next generation. Youren Outfitters is now owned and operated by his two sons Kidd and Harry Youren.

Harry Youren is the head guide and an expert houndsman. The hunting area is a massive acreage up the Middlefork of the Boise River. Harry uses a multitude of eager and well trained walker hounds to make your hunt an exciting and authentic experience.

Most of the bears harvested on our area are color phase. Typically 8 of 10 bears harvested are brown, chocolate, cinnamon or blond. Idaho bears are known to have a larger head size for their body which leads to more record book bears coming out of the state.

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5 Day Bear Hunt with Bait
5 Day Bear Hunt with Hounds
6 Day Cougar Hunt

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"The perils of duck hunting are great - especially for the duck."

- Walter Cronkite

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