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It is on every American hunter’s bucket list to hunt in Africa, yet so few actually make this dream a reality. Tootabi Hunting Safaris bridges this continental divide with very reasonable prices and 5 star service. Based out of South Africa, the Buchner family privately owns and operates this hunting resort overseeing every aspects, ensuring all your desires are met. Carel and Charlene direct management and hospitality, boasting a beautiful lodge. After your hunt, relax in the trophy filled living room or the extensive porch, which overlooks the African bush as far as the eye can see. You can be confident you will be enjoying your time in the lodge almost as much as taking down your trophy! 

What makes Tootabi so unique is the accessibility. This is a factor that has stopped thousands of hunters from experiencing the African bush, but not anymore. Tootabi has a system in place that is designed for its guests, developed by the Buhcners. An in house travel agent will do everything for you from a travel and legality standpoint. The flights, the visas, all the paperwork from firearms to vaccines is taken care of by an agent assigned to you. No longer do you have to worry about the international travel struggles, all you have to think about is your hunt.

When it comes to hunting, Tootabi provides a thriving game population in one of Africa’s most diverse geographic locations. Of the 7 biomes in South Africa, you will have the opportunity to hunt 5 of them; Grassland, Savanna, Nama Karoo, Forest, Desert, and Thicket. You will hunt 8648 acres of wilderness, to which Tootabi has exclusive outfitting rights. However, there are 150,000 acres of concessions that are also utilized to increase your success. There are over 40 big game animals to hunt in an incredibly vast and unique environment—so who makes these hunts come to life?

Loodt Buchner is the professional hunter with over 15 years in the guiding industry. Not only is he a pleasure to be around, but he knows the behavior of the game, their tendancies, where they are, and where they are going to be. He is also quite the navigator, as one must be to safely guide you through ever changing terrain in the African Bush.

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11 Nights, 10 Days Hunting, 7 Animals, All inclusive.
$6,500.00 to $7,000.00
8 Nights, 7 Days Hunting, 5 Animals, All inclusive.
$4,200.00 to $4,700.00
8 Nights, 6 Days Hunting, 6 Animals. All inclusive.
$6,500.00 to $7,200.00
8 Nights, 6 Days Hunting, 5 Animals. All inclusive.
$4,400.00 to $4,800.00

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