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Specializing in Fun Family Fishing for parties of 2 to 20

Captain Sheppard has over 25 years of experience teaching families to fish.

Back Bay Fishing Trip

In the sheltered waters of the bay we drift-fish, catching flounder, small black bass, and occasional weakfish along with every other variety that swims, or wiggles. Trip lasts four hours.

  Wreck Fishing 

Off the beach we drift over wrecks, and catch delicious black bass, tautogue, flounder, and lots of other species. Good continuous action. Trip lasts four hours.

Full Day Fishing Trip

Head further offshore to catch species migrating up and down the coast. We provide a number of different trips depending on what you want to catch. Trip lasts at least eight hours. See below.

Striper Trips

Spring and fall are the best times for striped bass. In the spring, bass come down the rivers and can be caught on blood worms and clams at estuary mouths. In the fall, the big bass run comes down from northern waters and in late November we load with large fish.

Star Fish –The Family Fishing Boat for up to 19 persons

Star Fish is a custom-built, safe, diesel powered, sink-and toilet-equipped charter fishing boat which specializes in trips the entire family will enjoy. Boating, fishing and enjoying the sun on your own private charter trip is a unique sea shore experience. For a vacation treat your family will always remember, take them on a family adventure.Are you looking to take a great fishing trip for your family? 

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Pops Pride Fishing Trips
$450.00 to $2,395.00
Star Fish Fishing Trips
$85.00 to $475.00

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"The solution to any problem –work, love, money, whatever –is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be."

- John Gierach

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