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Russell Pond and B bar C Outfitters is proudly owned and exclusively Operated by Joseph & Inga Cabral . We are NAHC approved for over a decade and have an OVER 80% rebook rate - Come see why people from all over Keep hunting with Joe and Family.

Call us for the adventure elk, lion, bear or wolf hunt of a lifetime!

As far as we are concerned - the Elk hunting in our corner of the LOLO Elk zone in Idaho has been very good these past few years. Hunting remote well scouted areas paid off for our hunters.

Low tag sales numbers (lowered quotas), the mild winters with the wolf hunt, habitat improvement, as well as our continued yearly big kill of predatory spring bear has produced better than average kill rates, nice bulls taken and lots of good bulls still on the hoof. 

Hunting has NEVER been easy in this area but the right preparation, planning and hard work really pays off before and after the kill. 

Idaho is a great elk destination. Our Combo hunts are very varied offering the hunter a wide range of game to take. All elk tags are guaranteed through us - no draw. Contained in this website is lots of information detailing all of our Idaho hunts. If you need more specifics or would like to reserve space do not hesitate to call us right away.

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"The perils of duck hunting are great - especially for the duck."

- Walter Cronkite

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