Book This Trip: Fly Zone Approved Swordfishing Charter 8 Hr
Miss Britt Charters

Miss Britt Charters: Fly Zone Approved Swordfishing Charter 8 Hr

Miss Cheyenne $1200 Miss Britt I $1350 Miss Britt II $1550 Swordfishing prices cover the additional costs associated with traveling 20+ miles offshore when targeting swordfish. Swordfishing is usually an 8 or 12 hour trip. Swordfishing usually occurs about 20 miles offshore. We have the option of South Florida of either Fishing in the daytime or at night. When we fish in the daytime we are equipped with a combination hand crank OR electric reel in one. The beauty of this tackle is that we can remove the motor and give you the experience of a true hand cranked swordfish in the daytime. If we want to wind the weight to the surface we simply attach the motor with two push pins and we are in business – easy living! We have caught fish other than swordfish while doing this the most common is mahi followed by an occasional sailfish or wahoo and even a 400 pound blue marlin. Nighttime swordfishing involves drifting with four or five lines generally on Penn 50 lb tackle. We use a float and weight attached at various depths in the water. We do catch fish other than swordfish at night. We have caught oil fish, Pomfret, mako sharks and even a Spearfish. We definitely prefer calm weather for both day and night time swordfishing. That allows us to see what is sometimes a very subtle bite on the rod tip.


4:00pm (Every Day)



Max Passengers:



$1,200.00 to $1,550.00