Book This Trip: Fly Zone Approved Full Day Offshore
Miss Britt Charters

Miss Britt Charters: Fly Zone Approved Full Day Offshore

Miss Cheyenne $1100 Miss Britt I $1250 Miss Britt II $1450 Offshore prices refer to far offshore fishing for Mahi and Marlin. This price covers our extra fuel costs. Full days typically run 8 hours and are by far on our most successful trips the cost is typically 50% more than a half day so it is very effective financially to book full days. One of the challenges when heading offshore fishing the reef is the changing Gulfstream current. I have seen many days where the conditions are phenomenal in the afternoon only to return to that area the next morning and the conditions have reversed from blue water and north current to green water and no current or south current. Not to say that we never catch fish in those conditions, but they are generally not as productive. A full day gives us is the chance to move around and find the best conditions available and also to share with you several types of fishing in a day.


11:00pm (Every Day)



Max Passengers:



$1,100.00 to $1,450.00