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 Capt. Bill VanWormerLucky Dutchman Charters will take you fishing on Lake Ontario aboard a 28 foot Baha Sportfisherman that is fully equipped with all the necessary tackle, electronics and safety equipment that is needed for you to catch quality trout and salmon on lake Ontario. We try to involve our anglers we like you to participate in the fishing not just crank them in.

In the spring early (April through May) we fish the shallow near shore waters and our primary target species is brown trout. As the season progress and the water along the shore line warms the fish will move farther from the shore and deeper into the water column. As we follow these fish deeper we will start to mix king salmon into the catch.

Summer fishing (June and July) is deep water thermocline fishing and we fish for all the trout and salmon species. This summer is a good time for family fishing, the weather is good, and when we are thermocline fishing if one species of fish doesn't want to bite we can usually find a different species that will bite.

Fall fishing (August and September) is a both deep and shallow water fishing as we pursue mature king salmon.

Fishing charters and Feeder Creek Lodge Packages are available at a very affordable prices. Combo packages ensure an enjoyable and hassle free experience. 

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Half Day Trip w Lodging (1 Night)
Full Day Trip
Full Day Trip w Lodging (1 Night)
Two Trip (pm-am) Package w Lodging (1 night)

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Lucky Dutchman II
Bill VanWormer
Wright's Landing
28.0 ft
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"Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger."

- Herbert Hoover

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Chinook Salmon (King), Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout (Steelhead), Lake Trout