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Bluewater Movements, Inc. is a sports marketing company. Based in South Florida, the sportfishing capital of the world, we have spent the past 20 years building some of the most successful competitive fishing events in the sport. Our background in tournament fishing coupled with our expertise in event marketing is unmatched in the industry.
Within our portfolio there are 2 series and 7 wildly popular fishing tournaments, all hosted at various venues across South Florida and the Keys. In the past years, we have worked together on outside events for organizations such as the Dan Marino Foundation and St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series

True champions don’t make pit stops in victory lane – they live there. That is the driving concept behind the highly touted ‘Quest for the Crest’ Sailfish Series. This iconic series hosts some of the best billfishing teams on the face of the planet. Teams in this 4-leg series are expected to compete for a purse of more than $2,500,000 dollars in 2016. $2.2 Million was awarded last season. However, the most coveted award – The Crest - doesn't come in the form of a cash prize.

The Crest represents the pinnacle of tournament sailfishing. It is viewed as the highest accolade bestowed upon a team. Presented in jacket form, competitors must emerge as the most dominant among an elite field in order to don this coat of arms. Much like Nascar’s ‘Sprint Cup’, teams accumulate points based on where they finish in each leg of the series. Perform at a high level and do it often. That is what it takes to claim the Crest and the jacket.

There are 4 legs in the series spread out from West Palm Beach to Key West, FL. Leg 1, Operation Sailfish, will be held on December 9-13 at the historic Sailfish Marina on Singer Island. Leg 2, Sailfish 400, is the newest tournament in the Quest for the Crest series. This race car themed event is hosted at the Double Tree Grand in Miami from January 27-31. The third leg of the series, The Sailfish Challenge, boasts its status as the largest sailfish tournament in the country. Held on February 17-21, the Sailfish Challenge has a unique 3-inlet format, however, Ft. Lauderdale is home base for the event with an exciting kickoff party at Bokamper's on the water and an incredible awards ceremony hosted at Blue Moon Fish Company. The final leg of the series, Final Sail, is held in Key West on April 12-17 at the Westin Key West Resort & Marina. World class fishing and a 'party in paradise' are what this grand finale of the series is all about! It's Key West...need we say more??
Privilege is earned. That is the motto that resides on the scroll of the Crest. The team who is fortunate enough to don this coat of arms will most definitely earn it. Who will be the next team to join this exclusive club? The quest begins on December 9th!

Operation Sailfish: December 7-11, 2016

Leg 1 of the Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series. On Dec 7th, 2016 an infantry of elite Sailfishing teams will converge on Sailfish Marina in Singer Island, FL to prepare for Operation Sailfish - 2 days of battle against Sailfish on the high seas in West Palm Beach, FL. As the first leg in the highly touted, ‘Quest for the Crest’ Sailfish Series, each and every team will be on a mission to kickstart their series with a strong performance in the season opener.

In addition to an estimated $500,000 purse, teams will vie for the Operation Sailfish dog tags. These tags will be reserved exclusively for the top team in the tournament. Consider it the champion’s id card if you will. Only 1 set will be awarded each year. The BAR South Team, winners in 2014, wear them now, but who will emboss their name on this prestigious award in 2016?

  The military undertones for Operation Sailfish were created in honor of the men & women who have served and continue to serve our country. The pledge they make to protect our country and defend our freedom is a genuine blessing to each and every American. We applaud them for their service and are excited about the ability to honor them in this event. A portion of the proceeds from Operation Sailfish will be devoted to the military based charity, Operation Homefront. This four-star rated nonprofit organization provides emergency financial aid and other assistance to the families or our service members and wounded warriors.

Sailfish 400: January 11-15, 2017

Leg 2 of the Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series, Sailfish 400, races into Miami on January 11-15, 2017. As the cold fronts push south in January, so do the sailfish and the teams from the Sailfish 400 will be waiting in Miami ready to do battle with them!

The Sailfish 400 is hosted at the DoubleTree Grand by Hilton on Biscayne Bay. This location has everything teams need during their stay for the tournament. From room accommodations that range from standard rooms to suites and condos, along with retail shopping and several restaurant options inside the hotel. And just steps away from your room behind the hotel is the Sea Isle Marina making it easy to get to and from your boat without the hassle of parking and carrying fishing gear long distances. 

In the spirit of its race driven theme, the top team from Sailfish 400 will wave the checkered flag as they fly riggers full of checkered flags to commemorate their win at the 2nd leg of the Quest series! Get ready to start your engines! Boat engines that is!

The Sailfish Challenge: February 22-26, 2017

 Leg 3 of the Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series,The Sailfish Challenge has quickly become one of the most popular Sailfish tournaments in the country. 74 boats and more than 500 anglers competed in the 2015 event.

One of the most distinguishing features of the Sailfish Challenge is its three inlet format. Team's can check in to Government Cut in Miami, Hillsboro Inlet in Pompano Beach or Lake Worth Inlet in West Palm Beach following each day of fishing. This feature is a great compliment to the event's date in February. The bite can turn on anywhere up and down the South Florida coastline this time of the year.

Teams fishing the 2016 Challenge will enjoy a new kickoff party location at Bokamper's Sports Bar & Grill in Ft. Lauderale. With 400 feet of dock space on the water, there's no reason to drive to this party! Teams will also be treated to a fabulous dining experience at the closing awards ceremony held at Blue Moon Fish Company on the water in Ft. Lauderale. Miss Annie snagged 1st place and a $195,000 payout in 2015. Who will it be in 2016? The action happens on February 17-21. Are you ready for The Challenge?

The Final Sail: TBD

Leg 4 of the Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series. A grand finale deserves to be hosted in a grand location. Final Sail is the 'grand finale' of the 4-leg Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series. Renowned as one of the top fishing destinations in the world, Key West, FL offers the perfect location to host the culminating event in this world class series. Sailfishing off Key West in April can be as good as you'll find anywhere in the world. Couple that with a community overflowing with rich history, amazing culture, great restaurants and exciting nightlife and it's easy to see why Key West is a natural choice for the grand finale of the Quest series.

Final Sail brings a fun twist to the event for participating teams as well. Of course there will be huge money at stake for the teams that release the most sailfish and claim victory at the championship leg of the series. But what about the Final Sail? The name is a bit of a double entendre. Yes, it earned it's name in part as the final leg of the series, BUT, there will also be more on the line for the teams and their 'final sail' in the tournament. The confirmation # for each team's final sailfish release in the tournament will be recorded and entered into a drawing where teams will have the chance to win cash and prizes for their 'final sail' of the season! 

And, when the final call for 'lines out' is made and it's time to celebrate with our teams, hand out the burgundy jackets and recognize the top sailfishing team in the world......we'll be doing it Key West style. That's right, a Duval Crawl awards party! Mark your calendars for what promises to be the greatest sailfish tournament you will ever fish in your life - The Final Sail!

Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit

If you like fishing for Dolphin, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna and Cobia, then you will love the format of the Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit. The PBSC is a 3-leg tournament trail that takes place annually in South Florida between May and August. Leg 1 of the series begins in May with the Saltwater Shootout, followed by the Saltwater Slam in June. Over 300 teams will compete in the first two legs of the PBSC for one of the 75 spots up for grabs in the invitational Saltwater Showdown Championship held each year in August.

Saltwater Shootout
Spring tournament fishing in South Florida kicks off with The Mercury/SeaVee Pompano Beach Saltwater Shootout. The Saltwater Shootout is the first leg in South Florida's largest tournament trail. The Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit. Teams travel from near and far to enjoy the festivities and take a chance at over $275,000 in cash and prizes.

Saltwater Slam
Strategy is the name of the game moving into the second leg of the Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit: The Mercury/SeaVee Pompano Beach Saltwater Slam. The Saltwater Slam provides the last opportunity for teams to make the cut as one of the elite 75 boats to qualify for the invitation only championship leg of the PBSC. Held in June, the Saltwater Slam offers great timing for families to round up the kids and enjoy a great weekend in a family oriented South Florida fishing tournament.

Saltwater Showdown - Open to all teams.  
Tensions are high as the top fishing teams in South Florida arrive to compete in the final leg of one of the most prestigious fishing tournaments in the Southeast: The Mercury/SeaVee Pompano Beach Saltwater Showdown. Teams accumulate points over the course of the 3-leg series in the chase after the circuit's most prestigious award: The Showdown Crown.

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