Book This Trip: Full Day Float Smallmouth Bass
Asheville Fly Fishing Company

Asheville Fly Fishing Company: Full Day Float Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass fishing in the Southern Appalachian Mountains is renowned as some of the best on the continent. We target these fish on our float trips on the fly and with tackle. If you enjoy a tenacious pull from the surface and seeing acrobatic fish dance, then this is for you. Casting top water flies 30-80 feet on big water, followed by an explosion that sounds like a bomb going off, will do a few things to a person. One, it will make your wrist hurt; two, it will make you giggle like a little kid. You will talk to the water, laugh louder than all the banjos playing in Western North Carolina, and want to cancel all obligations for the following week. To get in on the fun…