Book This Trip: Guided Turkey Hunting
Whitetail Strategies Guide Service

Whitetail Strategies Guide Service: Guided Turkey Hunting

Whitetail Strategies Guide Service offers guided turkey hunt's in the wood's and farm fields of Vermont. Come enjoy the sounds of the majestic Tom turkey as he gobbles in response to our hen yelps. The anticipation fuels your excitement as he works in close to the decoy set up. With some tips from your guide, and a little luck, wild turkey could be on the dinner table and a nice mount on the wall. The general hunting method used for turkey hunting is from a blind that has been preset with the aid of trail camera's so to be sure that we are in a good travel/feeding area. This allow's those who want the challenge of taking a tom turkey with a bow some freedom of movement. Another method used is roosting, or putting the turkey's to bed the night prior to the hunt. The next morning we set up decoy's, quick blinds, and call them into range. Feel free to bring your turkey calling experience to the hunt or you can have your guide call in the turkey's. Spring turkey season is open for the month of May. You are allowed two bearded turkeys in the spring season. There is also a fall season in October. You can harvest 1 hen or bearded turkey in the fall. Rates for spring and fall turkey hunting are listed on the pricing page. Discounted packages available to include spring catfishing as turkey hunting closes at 12 noon each day. A fish & hunt combo starts at $800. Book far in advance due to limited space. This is a great sport for beginning hunters and youth's.


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