Book This Trip: Spring Bear Hunts
White Cloud Outfitters

White Cloud Outfitters: Spring Bear Hunts

We use two methods to hunt these splendid animals this time of year, either “spot and stalk” or “hunting over bait”. Both methods give the avid rifle hunter or archer ample opportunity to harvest the bear of their dreams. Beginning in 2009, White Cloud Outfitters started hunting spring Black Bear on "odd years" only. By alternating hunting years, we expected to increase the overall age structure in our harvest. By limiting our hunter numbers to a total of 10-12 on those "odd years," we feel that hunters have a better chance of harvesting a trophy quality animal. Unit 36A continues to produce color phase bears including black, chocolate, cinnamon and blonde. Our hunts are conducted from our comfortable base camp in the East Fork of the Salmon River. ·We use ATV’s and horses depending on the type of hunt you desire and weather condition at the time of your hunt. Our success rate since 1987 has been 80-90% every year on 5-7 foot bears. Size and color are the only limiting factors of success to this hunt of a lifetime.


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$2,700.00 to $3,600.00