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Vail Valley Anglers

Vail Valley Anglers: Full Day Wade Trip

FULL DAY WADE TRIP Full-day wade trips are popular throughout the year and allow anglers to leisurely prospect for trout at their own pace. We have a multitude of Colorado rivers, lakes, and streams that can be accessed at different times of the year. Anglers may cast dry flies to rising trout, nymph deep runs or strip streamers for aggressive trout. Your professional guide will be standing by your side to offer instruction, net fish and give any necessary assistance. A one-person full day wade trip is a great option for those looking to learn the sport of fly fishing or for advanced anglers looking to explore new water and refine their technique. Beginners benefit from the hands-on advice of their guides while experts can expand their skills with challenging fish throughout the day. For anglers who prefer the relaxing feeling of standing in the river or those who enjoy hiking in a scenic remote location, our Full-Day Wade is the ideal choice. Full-day wade trips last approximately seven to eight hours.