Book This Trip: Bike & Fish
Vail Valley Anglers

Vail Valley Anglers: Bike & Fish

As part of our ongoing efforts to encourage sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint, we are excited to offer an E-Bike & Fish Trip. Riding our customized E-Bikes along the bike path between Edwards and Vail, Colorado, you’re able to experience far more of the renowned fly fishing the Eagle River has to offer. These bikes use battery power to take the grind out of pedaling, and they’re outfitted to carry all of your fly fishing gear. Plus, they offer an advantage over car-driving anglers by eliminating the need for a parking spot – a huge benefit during the busiest months of the season! Led by your experienced guide, you’ll cruise the bike path along the banks of the Eagle River, looking for the telltale signs of areas where trout will be holding. When you find a spot, simply hop off your bike and get right to fishing.