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Cal for detailed pricing and options! Africa, the Dark Continent has a lot to Offer You, don't miss out because you think it is priced out of your range and not something that you can afford ! There are options to make it quite affordable. You can take a high dollar trip with wine at every meal and a mint on your pillow each night. Or... if you are more interested in getting game the tent camp with a good PH on a prime concession of his can provide you with some great heads on a budget hunt. As a rule the plains game hunt are more reasonable then most think. Even with the airfare to get to the South Africa country or region from your home, and of course back, with you hunts, animals included can be a $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 hunt. Not a drop in the bucket but doable to fill your bucket list. It may still be the hunt of a lifetime but not require a lifetime to pay for. In addition Africa is opening up extremely well for archers in recent years. This is important because the type of hunting is much different. You will require blinds that would be a foreign requirement for the spot and stalk rifle hunter. I like to bring out all of the details and touch on them so the perspective hunter will know the items of concern. That is in Africa usually it is a specific amount per day for lodging, meals and guiding by the PH. The animal licenses are quite reasonable. Then there is a trophy fee for each animal you shoot. If you don't see what you want don't shoot. The last thing is to get in contact with and exporter to get you capes and horns back with you. In North America I recommend that you take horns and cape with you as carry-on luggage, when you are home so are they. In Africa because of the cites permit for cats and the requirement for wart hog(swine) it is a little more involved. Pick a exporter that the outfitter knows and have them work together. Priced by animals you will know that cost upfront. That is all there is to it, it is really quite simple and a plains game hunt is usually quite affordable. The ones that are on the other end of the scale are Africa’s big 5, Elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, Lion and rhinoceros. Then there are a few exotic and unique animals that are quite pricy, but if that is what you want just know upfront what they will cost. On the other hand you just want one or two unique animals feel free to contact Discounted Hunts for many of the same animals or exotics right in Texas USA. Last but not least thios is a time to look into hunting insurance. I am not going to say you need it or don't need it. This will have a price tag large enough that you want to know your options incase you get ill just before you leave to go on your hunt. Good Luck and enjoy the hunting in Africia that people dream of.


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