Book This Trip: Elk & Deer Hunts
Korell Outfitters

Korell Outfitters: Elk & Deer Hunts

Korell Outfitters offers two different types of hunts for elk and deer. Both take place in IDFG Unit 35. This is a road-less area so hunter densities are quite low. Access to and from the camps are all by horseback and mule string. Camps are between 2 and 3 hour rides from the trail head, far enough to get away from foot hunters but close enough to ma t ke for an enjoyable ride in. Hunting from the camp is by foot or horseback, depending on the camp or time of season. Camps are 14x16 and 16x20 wall tents with carpet on the floor, cots, foams, chairs, tables, wood stove, and an outdoor shower. There is a drop camp option along with an archery or rifle option depending on the month,


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$2,000.00 to $4,800.00