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Kayman Charters: Overnight Trips

At 4am the Lisa&Jake anchors over the pile of Cod, Haddock and Wolf fish that shows up like a stack of nickles on the fish finder. This spot is secured before daylight occurs as the fish will lay down as the sun comes up making them harder to see on the furuno machine. The fishing starts as weary eyed anglers emerge from below deck. The coffee pot brewing puts a fresh sent of Java throughout the wheelhouse. A few cups are poured and spiced with cream and sugar, only a few sips are taken as sounds of “fish on” are spoken, and your overnight fishing charter really starts. The coffee plays a second role to the bent rod on the deck. A large Cod fish comes to gaff as 4 more jigs hit the 300ft bottom. This action is mixed with Pollock, Cusk and Haddock. The action continues until the sun peaks fully in the horizon and the tide starts to ebb.


6:00am (Every Day)



Max Passengers: