Book This Trip: Duck Hunting

Jp2fish: Duck Hunting

Duck hunts are $125 per hunter. A “hunter” is considered to be anyone taking a position in the hunt whether a shooter or not. All duck hunters will be required to provide the following: Florida duck stamp and migratory bird stamp (free) and Federal duck stamp. Florida hunting license, resident or non-resident depending on your state of residence. Shotgun and steel shot in good working order. Appropriate camo, waders, face mask and clothing accessories. Your hunt will be considered booked when half the fee is received. The remainder will be due no later than 4 (four) days prior to your hunt. There are no cancellations for duck hunts. Any cancellations more than 7 (seven) days prior to the hunt will not be required to pay the remainder of fee but will forfeit any deposit. Anyone without express permission from the guide not paying in full 4 (four) days prior to the hunt will be subject to losing the reservation. A specific time and place to meet will be given to the party 24 hours prior to the hunt. Be on time, ready to go. Duck hunting is a fun sport. It requires knowledge of firearms and bird hunting. I am a very good duck hunter, the first in the area and the most knowledgeable by far. If you have never duck hunted and have no other bird hunting experience I would appreciate if you get experience elsewhere prior to hunting with me. I guarantee the opportunity to shoot ducks; otherwise, I will refund half your guide fee.