Book This Trip: Wild Hog Hunts & Javelina Hunts
Jody Starr Outfitting

Jody Starr Outfitting: Wild Hog Hunts & Javelina Hunts

We conduct wild hog hunts and Javelina hunts on several ranches totaling almost 20,000 acres. Our Hog & Javelina hunting Ranches are located in LaSalle and McMullen counties in South Texas. This is a two-day package hunt which includes meals, lodging and 4WD transportation. Hunting is done from tower blinds over feeders, driving ranch roads with high racked hunting vehicles, spot and stalk around water holes and tripods around cattle feeders for archers. You may kill predators, two Javelina and all the hogs you want as long as you take the meat home with you. That's right - all the hogs you want! We have way too many hogs. Contact for pricing!


Big Game


$725.00 to $1,000.00