Book This Trip: 3 Day Bear Hunt
Cutawhiskie Creek Outfitters

Cutawhiskie Creek Outfitters: 3 Day Bear Hunt

eople across North America thrive on going Bear hunting and want to kill a BIG BEAR. NC is home to the largest wild Black Bears in the world. I’ve been turning down bear hunters for too long now!! We just don’t have the numbers of bear here in Hertford county like they do on the coast (Tyrell/Hyde). So, being that said, I’ve partnered up with a farmer in Tyrell County, which is in the top 3 counties for Bear hunting!!! The reason for the large number of bears in these areas is because of the hundreds of thousands of acres of National Wildlife Refuges in the area!! This also allows bear to reach weights of over 900lbs. Bear are so thick in numbers and are so massive, it draws professional hunters like Jim Shockey and Jim Zumbo to these areas yr after yr!!! We are excited about this new opportunity for our clients and believe that it is just going to keep growing!!!


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