Book This Trip: Goodnews River Saving the best for last.
Alaska Rainbow Adventures

Alaska Rainbow Adventures: Goodnews River Saving the best for last.

Goodnews River Saving the best for last. September 6th to 13th or 15th By now our Western Alaska Crew has seen this river as many as five times this season, and the anticipation of this final float on the ‘News has been building with every passing week. The Char fishing will be in it’s prime, the Rainbow Trout will be hammering everything from beads, to streamers to mice, and the Coho will be everywhere, hitting everything and almost anything you throw at them.. These are true “campfire tales” type of trips, given that by now we have those wondrous Fall Alaskan nights, with the possibility of Northern Lights and nothing winds down an epic day quite like a popping driftwood fire. The longer nights mean shorter days, and as the season winds down, the fishing inevitably ramps up for resident species gorging themselves with calories for the impending long winter. Intimate Rivers, Fisherman's standard, or deluxe style trip from Bethel, Alaska Rates from $4,250.00 and up / Eight Days - Seven Nights or Ten Days - Nine Nights




$4,295.00 to $6,395.00