Book This Trip: Goodnews River June 30th to July 7th
Alaska Rainbow Adventures

Alaska Rainbow Adventures: Goodnews River June 30th to July 7th

June 30th to July 7th / Eight Days - Seven Nights Goodnews River In Alaska; the summer days are seemingly endless as the sun remains in the sky for more than 20 hours each day. With King Salmon runs looking better and better in this region, we are cautiously optimistic in a return to the days of deep, burning runs these Ocean Fresh Leviathans are renowned for. The sockeye are fresh, and making their way to the lake, followed closely by the first of many waves of Sea-Run Dolly Varden. Grayling will be voraciously rising to insects. Intimate Rivers, Fisherman's Standard, or Fisherman's Deluxe style trip available from Bethel, Alaska Rates from $4,250.00 and up / Eight Days - Seven Nights




$4,295.00 to $5,795.00