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The Rangeley and Eustis area is well known for its historic hunting and fishing. The vast tracks of forest offer some outstanding habitat for small and big game for you to discover.

If you prefer an adventure by car, by foot or boat, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Our guided trips offer many opportunities to explore the outdoors. We offer trips such as moose watching, fishing, canoeing, hiking, or snowmobiling.

Private and group adventures are available for half day, day and multiple days and are focused on your individual needs and your ability.

If you have special needs please call to discuss your requests.

For those who may be looking to enjoy the local surroundings for more than one day, multiple day adventures can be arranged.

Plan your own holiday or together we can make your vacation a true adventure. Search for moose one day, hike a mountain the next, and canoe the third. Whatever you choose, a different adventure awaits you the next day. Multiple adventure discounts are available.

Whatever season you prefer or the way you prefer to enjoy it, Maine is the place to be.

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Maine Fishing Adventures
$200.00 to $240.00
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"What a tourist terms a plague of insects, the fly fisher calls a great hatch."

- Patrick F. McManus

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