Book This Trip: 10 Day Moose Hunt on the Koyukuk River
Gilbert Huntington

Gilbert Huntington: 10 Day Moose Hunt on the Koyukuk River

The Koyukuk River has the highest concentration of moose in the State of Alaska and has place more trophies near the top of the record books than any other area. We grew up here and have hunted most of our lives for moose big or small. Now we give you the opportunity to join us for the giants this area has to offer. Most bulls are taken near the river using spot and stalk or calling, although we are not afraid to hike several miles for a trophy. With some drifting done on the quiet rivers listening and calling, this is an excellent opportunity for disabled hunters to harvest trophy moose. We also have a very high success rate with bow hunters. The meat from the harvest is a very important part of the hunt for our guides and other personnel who miss personally havesting an animal. It is our policy, first to offer the meat to the needy (usually elders in the surrounding area) then divide the rest between our crew. If you wish to take meat from your animal with you, arrangements can be made at your expense. September 5-14, 16-25.


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