Book This Trip: 10 Day Grizzly Hunt on Boat or Snowmobile
Gilbert Huntington

Gilbert Huntington: 10 Day Grizzly Hunt on    Boat or Snowmobile

We hunt the Nulato Hills which is part of our home country. The rivers draining this area have some of the largest salmon runs in Northwest Alaska. This helps to grow very big bears. About 75% of our clients make the Boone & Crockett record list. We have very high success during deep snow years with our April snowmobile hunt. We don't try to book this hunt unless favorable conditions arise. This hunt can be fairly strenuous as some snowshoeing(3-4 foot platform attached to boots in order to walk on top of the snow) is required for the final stalk. We hunt the Nulato hills in late August on a spot and stalk that has produced very big bear, with most making the Boone & Crockett record book minumum. This is a strnous hunt. We climb up to 2,000 ft. to access spike camps placed strategically in resealable barrells in the hills. Grizzly can also be taken during fall moose hunt for trophy fee or added for mixed bag hunt. We also use river boats during May for combination Black/Grizzly Bear hunts. Unless special circumstances (that clientele request) prevail we do not book more than two hunters at a time for the same area.


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