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Fly Fishing Bight

Fly Fishing Bight: Casting Lessons

At the heart of fly fishing is the fly cast. If you are curious about fly fishing but have not taken the plunge this is the perfect way to start. Anyone can cast! Casting a fly line is similar to swinging a golf club; both rely on technique over strength and have a learning curve. And just like golf, you don’t need to shoot par to get on the course and have fun. For beginners, I teach the principles that make a cast “serviceable” so you can get out on the water and present flies to fish. If you are an intermediate caster I can tailor the lesson to your skill level and fishing style. We will discuss the type of fishing you will be doing, evaluate your cast and work on achieving your goals. I enjoy working with casters of all skill levels. • Typical lessons are $100 for 1 hour • Custom arrangements made for groups and kids