Book This Trip: Waugoshance Walk & Wade
Boyne Outfitters

Boyne Outfitters: Waugoshance Walk & Wade

If you're into chasing Bronzebacks or stalking Golden Bones, this is the trip for you! Long known as a best-kept secret, the shallow shoals surrounding Waugoshance Point provide harbor for tons of the warmwater trophies. If warmwater fly fishing is new to you, Smallmouth Bass provide for a day of fun on a fly rod. Carp, referred to as a 'trash fish' for years, provides an exciting game of cat and mouse due to their ultrasensitive and spooky nature... but hook one up and the reel screamin', drag rippin' runs will make you come back for more. Combined with the gorgeous views and crystal clear waters of Lake Michigan, untouched by modern human development, this is Lake Michigan flats fishing at its finest! Details Up to 6 hours/1 - 2 Anglers - $350.00 *Food Included Additional Angler- $175.00